Martin Kukučín Memorial House in Jasenová

The memorial house of the Slovak realist writer Martin Kukučín is located in the village of Jasenová, 5 kilometres from Dolný Kubín. It has survived principally as a result of its reconstruction in 1960, when it was also opened to the public.
It was built by the writer's father John Bencúr in 1856, as evidenced by the inscription in the front room. The house with farm buildings forms an enclosed area whose inner and outer appearance comprises the environment in which the famous Slovak writer was born and grew up.

The entrance halls covers life and work in Jasenová at the turn of the century. The front room and kitchen are furnished with period village furniture, as they were during the writer's life. In the other two rooms are images and words focusing on Ahasver's Fate, but in particular the creations of Martin Kukučín. Individual copies of his literary works complete the exhibition.
Working tools and implements used in agricultural work and housekeeping are displayed in an outhouse and at the entrance.
In the vicinity of the premises, in a nearby park, is a larger-than-life statue of Martin Kukučín by sculptor Academician Ján Kulich.


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