Exposition of Hviezdoslav's "The Gamekeeper’s Wife"

A literary exhibition installed in a woodcutter's cottage under Babia Hora mountain. It is the first truly literary museum in Slovakia, dedicated to the poet's work.


The exposition on the one hand imagines the environment from which the poet drew inspiration, and on the other hand presents his work from its inception, with first printed editions of all his output and reflections on other art forms - theatre, film and visual art.
The exhibition is divided into four parts. The first is the living and working environment of a woodcutter's family. The designers have attempted to re-create the atmosphere of life in an Orava woodcutter's hut. The second part shows the time period between the conception and gradual realization of the idea to write this first lyric-epic composition.


In the third room is documentation about the poet's work to arouse national feeling.
The last room can be described as a presentation of The Gamekeeper's Wife in the present. Awareness of the work was increased through drama and film treatments. The Gamekeeper's Wife is represented in art by a number of painters and illustrators of book editions, from the first to the height of this genre, illustrations by national artist Martin Benka.


The original woodcutter's cottage visited by P.O. Hviezdoslav, which burned down in 1912 /the current building was built on its foundations/, was the birthplace of the writer Milo Urban in 1904. There is an exhibition about him in the neighbouring building, which is part of the same compound.

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