Treasury of Orava Castle

The ground floor of the Thurzo Palace was completely renovated in 2015. This project followed an extremely successful reconstruction of the adjacent St. Michael´s Chapel in 2003-2005. Several precious renaissance paintings were found there and renovated. Some of the most important results of archaeological research were presented as well. Exhibitions of the ground floor and the chapel are now designed as a separate visitors´ tour (Small Tour B). Various spaces with different purposes were symbolically linked together with the theme of former Hungarian aristocracy´s lifestyle. Historically, nobility had always been associated with the castle. Their interest in luxury and collecting eventually initiated the establishment of one of the oldest Slovak museums at Orava Castle in 1868. In addition to many attractive interior exhibitions, which were closed to the public for quite a long time, you can now admire many other interesting exhibits – e.g. unique Renaissance funerary textiles from castle crypts or a precious Renaissance diamond ring.


St. Michael Chapel

The chapel is located at the bottom of the castle area, in the main courtyard. It was built by Juraj Thurzo in 1610-1611 as a Protestant house of prayer. In the chapel you will see a pair of crypts: Thurzo and Henkel, both from the 17th century, plus an epitaph celebrating the life of Juraj Thurzo, posthumous portraits of Juraj Thurzo and Alžbeta Czoborová, posthumous shields, a baptismal font, a pulpit, a reproduction of the original Protestant altar, and a wooden choir. In the mid 18th century the interior of the chapel underwent Baroque adaptation, and the chapel was dedicated to the Archangel St. Michael. In 1993 the chapel was researched, and further exploration was conducted in 2001-2002; in 2003-2005 St. Michael's Chapel was reconstructed. Approximately 10 million Slovak crowns were invested during the reconstruction. The chapel was solemnly reopened on 22 April 2006. It has been open to visitors since 29 April 2006.
On 21 August 2006 St. Michael's Chapel was awarded the prize "CULTURAL LANDMARK OF THE YEAR" in the category of restoration of movable or immovable national cultural monuments.