Exhibition - Milo Urban

The woodcutter’s cottage in Rovne is the birthplace of Milo Urban, writer, publicist and translator. He remained faithful to Orava despite his lifelong travels, constantly "returning" to it not only in his work.
The exhibition space was opened in 2012, including a display devoted to the author. At the entrance to the exhibition is an "upland forest", in which a portrait of Milo Urban is symbolically set.

A timeline, characteristic of the difficult times in which he lived, is a snapshot of the most important moments of his life and works. An innovative element is the light showcase - a pictorial chronicle of the author's life. Among the interesting exhibits are a reproduction of his study from the time he lived in Chorvátsky Grob, a section dedicated to his unsurpassed work The Living Whip, plus journalistic and translation work. There are also some personal belongings of Milo Urban.


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