Orava Forest Railway Exhibition

First, the entrance hall
The entrance hall is dedicated to the historical context of the establishment and functioning of the Orava Forest Railway. It comprises a first, introductory information panel with text and photographs, on the genesis of the Orava Forest Railway. In the main display case on the side of the first room there are models of forestry vehicles from the period before the development of forest railways: a dam, rafts, wooden bridges, a model forester's lodge and tools for working with wood.
The second cabinet directly opposite the entrance is devoted to the forest railway. The main display is a model of the switchback that provides the forest railway with its place in the history of technology. Around it are model signals and a forest railway notice board, as well as wooden mock-ups of the production of cast components for railway vehicles.
Standing alone is a massive peavey, a tool used to handle logs.

Second, the final room
The final room captures the past and present of the Orava Forest Railway. It contains five information panels, which provide a basic overview of the history of the Orava Forest Railway, captured in photographs and brief texts.
By the window is an installation capturing two lumberjacks at work in the forest. They are furnished with period work-wear and crafts tools used in forestry work.
The exposition is complemented by three glass showcases. The first of these shows contemporary means of communication for the forest railway: a phone, flashlights and lanterns. The second is devoted to contemporary documents about forest railways. It contains a map of Orava marked to show the Orava Compossessorate and forest railway track. In addition to the maps are logs from the forest railway's construction. The third showcases promotional material from the activities of the Orava Forest Railway, with news and current museum hours.

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